MX 2017 Alumni Week in the Life
This event starts on Aug 13, 2017
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Location Mexico
Start Date Aug 13, 2017
End Date Aug 22, 2017
Fundraising Goal $ 1,425.00
Initial Fundraising Installment $ 300.00
Fundraising Deadline Jul 13, 2017
  • All ground transportation needs in San Diego, CA during the dates of the trip.
  • Tourist fees for Mexico (if required).
  • Accommodations and meals while at host location in Mexico.
  • Interpreter(s).
  • Foremen for work site.
  • General hosting, facilitation, activities and misc.
  • Building materials and supplies for house being built.
  • Furniture and groceries for the house being built.
  • Return flights to and from San Diego, CA.
  • Emergency Medical Travel Insurance (Required).
  • Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance.
  • Spending money and meals while traveling and in San Diego, CA.

Note: Live Different is not responsible for flight delays or cancellations. Please book flights at your own risk. 

Thank you for your interest in Live Different Builds! Please read through all the following information and feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions.

Joy Dehm - Program Administrator:

  • Toll Free: 1-866-432-4464
  • Email:

MX 2017 Alumni Week in the Life Experiential Learning Trip

Have you participated on a Live Different Build and find yourself wanting more? Do you want to dive deeper into issues of social justice and international development? Do you want to experience a little taste of what the vast majority of our world lives like every single day?

Now offered this Summer, 2017, is a brand new Live Different experience in Mexico focused on empathy. As a key component of developing empathy you will spend the week living in the shoes of many of the Mexican migrant workers who call the San Quintin Valley home. Many of the people working on the ranches are from indigenous background and have migrated from mainland Mexico in search of work. They often arrive with nothing, make very little money, and still need to support their families. These are the families you, along with us at Live Different, have built for. We have assisted with houses, clinics, and schools and heard many stories and built many relationships along the way. With this new opportunity, we want you to experience more of the life of the people behind our Builds.

This experiential learning build will begin while you are still at home with information packs, readings and assignments, and group interaction. Upon arrival in Mexico Live Different staff will guide you through an in depth orientation and learning process to best equip you for this experience. During the week you will be living in houses (on our property) which will be constructed by you out of the most basic materials that are accessible to people living in the area. With supervision and input from our staff you will spend the week working in jobs that are typical in the valley and receiving wages that are similar to those who you will be working alongside. During the week you will learn to budget for your groceries and other incidentals along the way with the 'salary' you earn while also experiencing what it is like to shop for groceries, cook meals, and take care of your property.

This experience is meant to be a realistic look into the lives of locals and will be demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. We are looking for applicants who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, push their limits, and engage in important issues and discussions while giving dignity to those around them. Live Different staff will be alongside you every step of the way teaching new concepts, facilitating meaningful experiences and conversation, and leading debrief.

We look forward to having you join us this summer. Sign up soon, as this is a unique opportunity and we will be limiting the number of participants.

Minimum Fundraising Requirements
$1,425 This is a minimum amount each volunteer has been asked to fund raise/contribute to Live Different Builds.
$300 due within two weeks of registration.