DR 2019 Summer Internship

Ages: 14+   •  Location: Dominican Republic   •   Length: 26 Days
$3495.00 + Self Managed Airfare  •   Service Hours: 40
Meeting Point: Puerto Plata

For the summer of 2019 we hope to have you join us in the Dominican Republic as a Live Different INTERN!

Do you find our 10 day builds not long enough? Are you someone who exemplifies strong leadership skills and has a passion for helping others? Have you been on one of our Live Different Builds in the past and wish you could’ve done more? If so, you should really consider applying to be one of our summer interns!

Becoming an intern for the summer will give you the opportunity to travel, grow and learn new things, as well as build relationships with people who you will quickly call friends. But, it's even more than that - it's the chance to experience life from another perspective and return home changed.

Over the course of your internship not only will you work alongside staff, contractors, translators, and families, but also volunteers from all across Canada. We’re looking for people who will have a positive impact on our volunteers and create a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

All interns will be responsible to work alongside the Live Different Staff to help facilitate a positive and fun trip experience for our volunteers. Some responsibilities will be assisting with:

  • Orientation

  • Airport shuttles

  • Team leading

  • General hosting and facilitation

  • Evening activities

  • Jobsite moral

  • Merchandise sales

  • Basic security

When applying, you will undergo an approval process and the most eligible applicants will secure a position. We are looking for interns who are able to exemplify good leadership, maturity, compassion, energy, initiative and who are engaged in their school/community. Please apply online and one of our staff members will contact you with how to proceed. If you have any questions prior to applying please contact our Builds Administrator.

Austin Gauthier  - Builds Administrator


“As one person, I may not be able to change the world, but I can be apart of changing the whole world for one person. Interning with Live Different in the Dominican Republic was such a life changing experience, because not only did I get to be a light in so many people's lives as a leader, I got to see a light in each and every one of the volunteers spark up as they were also changed. We all went there to change the lives of a few families, who would’ve known that those families would’ve changed our lives just as much?” - Paige, Dominican Republic Summer Intern


Minimum Fundraising Requirements:

$3,495 This is a minimum amount each volunteer has been asked to fund raise/contribute to Live Different Builds.

$300 Due within 2 weeks of registration.

*Please note applications will be accepted until February 15th, 2019 

What Is Included
  • ​Airport shuttles to and from the resort on the day your Build starts and the day your Build ends​ 
  • Meals and Accommodations at Sosua By The Sea Resort www.sosuabythesea.com​.
  • Donation to cover materials and labour for your Build project(s).
  • Transportation to and from resort and project sites each day.
  • Construction foreman.
  • Translators
  • Group hosting and facilitation.
  • Evening Debriefings and activities
  • Live Different staff on site and available 24/7
  • "Day in the Life" Experience
  • Furniture and groceries for the families you will be building with
  • Team dinner out with public Build groups
  • Intern Dinner out
  • Excursion
What Is Not Included
  • ​Flights to and from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
  • ​Airport shuttles to and from ​the resort if arriving before the trip starts or leaving after the Build ends 
  • Emergency Travel Medical Insurance (Required).
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.
  • Private room at the resort - extra $300.
  • Recommended Resort Staff and Translator Tip - $40 USD.

Day 1

Arrive in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Settle into resort: Sosua by the Sea (www.sosuabythesea.com)

Meet the staff and orientation


Day 2 - 4

Team Building Activities

Awareness Tour - Meet the families you will be building for and get to see past projects that Live Different has completed

"Day in the Life" Experience

  • Understanding changes everything! One day doesn’t change the world completely, but it can change your perspective in ways you never before imagined possible. Work, laugh and learn alongside of new friends, as you step into their world and help out in their daily routines. Language isn’t a barrier and neither are cultural differences. In fact, our differences can remind us that we have more in common than we realized, as we learn about how life looks from someone else’s perspective. Be a part of sharing the daily responsibilities, chores and connections as you spend some time with a family in the local community. These families that you will be working alongside of are potential families that could be receiving a new home in the near future.


Day 5 (Summer Build 1 Group Arrives in the Dominican Republic)

Prep for volunteer arrival

Meet the staff and orientation



Day 6

Awareness tour with participants

Meet the families you will be building for


Day 7 - 11 (Project Days)

You will be working alongside the Live Different staff to run the operations of the Summer Build 1 and lead teams on the ground. When you first show up to the work site, there will be a concrete slab waiting for its four walls, roof, and your enthusiasm! Together with the family, you and your team will be a part of making a dream a reality.


Day 12

Live Different also recognizes that you may want to take advantage the beauty and excitement of the Dominican Republic! Each team member will be afforded one day off for relaxation and/or adventure. We want you to experience some of the natural beauty and adventure that the island has to offer.


Day 13

Time to celebrate! Spend the morning preparing for the afternoon house celebration. Imagine witnessing as a family enters their new home that you helped to build. A home filled with hope, security, and a brighter future for this family! This moment will be etched in your memory for many years to come.

Day 14

Help see the first group off

Prepare for Summer Build 2 group


Day 15 (Summer Build 2 Group Arrives in Dominican Republic)

Welcome the second group

Assist with airport pickups

Meet the staff and orientation

  • Continue to act as leader for this group. You will know more and have a better understanding of the country, the community and the operations of Live Different. Your responsibilities and expectations will increase but this is all to help you become a better leader. Have fun with this new group and enjoy leading the activities!


Day 16

Awareness tour with participants

Meet the families you will be building for

Day 17 - 21 (Project Days)

Round 2! Be a part of a second building project, working alongside trip leaders to run the operations of Summer Build 2 and lead teams on the ground.


Day 22

Excursion day!


Day 23

Celebration time!  Spend the morning preparing for the afternoon house celebration. Imagine witnessing as a family enters their new home that you helped to build.


Day 24 - 25

Summer Build 2 volunteers fly home

 Intern and staff bonding

Community projects

Intern excursion day


Day 26

Fly home

While volunteering in the Dominican Republic you will be staying at Sosua By The Sea. This cozy boutique style resort sits on the corner of Sosua Bay, and is surrounded by beaches. As an all-inclusive resort, meals are covered when eating at the hotel. Most rooms have two double beds, and private rooms are available at an extra charge (not eligible for tax receipts).

Most volunteers choose to fundraise using their my.livedifferent.com fundraising page. When you register for a Build, you will have the opportunity to create one too. Not everyone fundraises though, some choose to pay for their Build themselves.

We require that all volunteers arrange their own flights. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact our office. Please be sure that you are arriving at the destination on the first day of the Build, as some flights will require you to leave a day or two ahead of schedule.

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